Registration will open June 1, 2023


Gymnast Fee: $140

Team Fee: $65 (must have 3)

Official Registration through: Meetmaker

Registration links below:

Please make sure to register ALL participating coaches.  Levels with more then 9 gymnasts may be split. Please plan on registering 2 coaches.

Awards: 50% events/100% AA Top 6 Team

Registration Gift: GK Leo

Deadline: September 10, 2023 -We will close early if the competition fills. Payment must be made in FULL to secure your teams spot. Substitutions, add ons, or level changes after the deadline date will be charged a $20 fee.

Refund Policy: Scratches MUST be made in Meetmaker by the deadline date to receive a refund. There will be no refunds after the deadline date. Refunds will only be given if a doctors note is submitted due to injury by November 13, 2023 minus $50. Refunds will be issued 10 days after the close of the competition. 

LR Productions reserves the right to award or refuse participation in this event.  

Equipment:  Sponsored by Spieth America

Admission:  Adults (16 & up) $30

Child & Senior $20

5 & under Free 

Cash Only

Location: Puerto Rico Convention Center

San Juan, Puerto Rico

**We will not cancel the event due to inclement weather. Please use your best judgment when traveling to and to Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Classic Competition as well as LR Productions is not responsible for cancellation of your personal travel plans, hotels, air travel, or transportation. There will not be any refunds under any circumstances once the athlete is registered. .

Photography & Live Streaming Policy

All images taken during The Puerto Rico Classic are for personal use only. Any commercial use, distribution, or sale is strictly prohibited. No use of flash photography. The use of live streaming apps is not allowed in the venue during the event. Parents have the right to opt out of any photography service.  Notification of photo opt out must. be submitted in writing at gymnast check in.

Photo & Video Release

Permission is hereby granted to The Puerto Rico Classic and LR Productions to use photographs/videos that may be taken at the event or on any or all future publications, websites, and communications.

***Parents may choose to opt out of photography.  The meet director MUST be notified in writing prior to your gymnasts session.***

LR Productions reserves the right to confiscate any video or photos taken in violation of this policy. There will be no refunds for violating policy. Any person(s) violating this policy may be subject to immediate ejection from the event and are subject to legal actions.

The Meet Directors as well as the NAWGJ officials will have complete authority and control of the floor during the event.